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Harry Potter “Deathly Hallows” Sneakpeak… July 26, 2007

Well I’ve read it already… nice book! tho thumbs for J.K Rowling… here’s something u should know ’bout the book….

1. there are elder(eldest) wand in this story that become lord voldermort obsessed, but once he had it he can’t use it to make extra ordinary magic.

2. there are big fight in Hogwarts that involved all the student and all the kids in Slytherin dorm choose to be with lord voldermort.

3. in this book there are lots who die during the fight with lord voldermont and his death eater. Those who died are Snape (killes by voldermort snake), Fred Weasley (Gorge twin brother), Prof. Lupin, Tonks (Orde of phoenix) and Collin (the boy who like harry very much since he enter Hogwarts, like to take pictures of harry and also a member of Dumbledore Armys), Bellatrix (remember her? killed by Mrs.Weasley) and at last Lord Voldermort his self (killed by Harry in their fight in front of all people in grand hall at Hogwarts).

4. Snape was in love with harry mother since he just a little boy (Snape father is a muggle) and Harry mom’s was the only woman he loved until the day he died (this make me almost cry) and he agree to protect Harry coz he’s Lily son, the woman he loved very much (he even keep her picture and all the memories they had).

5. Dumbledore was not killed accidently by snape, but dumbledore his self who ask snape to kill him in order to deceive voldermort.

6. this story has a happy ending… Harry married with Ginny Weasley and has 3 kids James, Albus Severus and Lilly Potter. Ron married Hermione and has 2 kids Rossy and Hugo and Neville become herbiology prof. in Hogwarts.

The rest… u should read it ur self, it was a nice book… !!!


One Response to “Harry Potter “Deathly Hallows” Sneakpeak…”

  1. ngeseng Says:

    this film is nice but it also so boring and make me sllepy

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