Start From Ordinary Things…

Just what I think..feel and writing about

Me… July 24, 2007

Just a simple person who loves to write, but sometimes still confused what she want to write…

Loves to read… u can cay she’s a bookalholic, not a shopaholic but enjoy her spare time by going to the mall and go to the book store.

Loves to drink vanilla latte and cappucinno over ice, thats why she like hanging round with her friends at coffee shop.

A day dreamer that sometimes in her dreaming time can write a stories that after it she just can’t finish :p

Love the ocean and hoping she still can see the blue of the ocean in the next 50 years from now….


2 Responses to “Me…”

  1. sunanda Says:

    Hi Itha
    I am a journalist from Reuters and saw your aticle about kesurupan. I am researching kesurupan massal for an article and was hoping you might be able to help me find a person who has pernah masuk kesurupan massal. Saya mau nanya: gimana asanya? Apa kamu inget?
    Apa Itha punya teman yg pernah masuk kesurupan massal? Kalo dia ga mau pake namanya, ga pa pa.
    I look forward ot hearing from you soon.
    Sunanda Creagh

  2. itha Says:

    hi there… hmmm thanks for leaving comment at my blog 😉

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