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My new job… October 3, 2007

Filed under: Dear Diary — itha @ 1:28 am

Hello there! long time not updating this blog… this past two weeks i’ve been so… phffff… busy…

Alhamdulillah, I already work now n guess what? I got a job that I used to think it’s a simple job but now since I experience it my self I can say… it’s really… really not an easy job to do. Everything has to be maintaince very carefully otherwise there will be a mistakes that we can make.

I never been so afraid or doing mistakes except now. I really… really afraid to make mistakes. I want my job to be perfect an hopefully I can give my best for this job. I tried to love my job and will continue to learning how to love my job. But now I can say I starting to love my job… It’s a new thing for me to do but hey.. I like to learn everything new.

So… keep on the spirit! stay cheer and see u soon….


24th floor Menara Mulia


One Response to “My new job…”

  1. vasilovitch Says:

    Ok, good luck take care.. i enjoy reading your posts:)

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