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Bagi..Bagi SMS Cinta Buat Kamu… August 16, 2007

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Aloo guys, ada kesulitan mengungkapkan perasaan kepada pasangan?Bingung bagaimana merangkai kata ketika ingin memberitau pasangan bahwa anda mencintainya?

Hmm… I provide u a solution, ni qu kasih beberapa sms yang bisa kamu kirimkan kepada pasangan dan dijamin akan bikin dia tersenyum sepanjang hari… tapi inget jangan keseringan ntar dibilang lagi ngegombal lagi… 😉 (thank’s to my loved one for sending me those sms)

“sms u-Rp 350, call u-Rp 4500/mnt. Hear ur loved one happy when u surprise he by saying that u love her-PRICELESS.”

“I want to grow old with u, watch u sleep at night..and the sight of ur smile is the last thing I saw b4 I sleep and the 1st thing I see when I wake up.”

“You are preety, but I love more what’s inside that preety face.”

“Why do the stars fall down from the sky everytime u were by? Just like me, belong to be close to u.”

“Sometimes I love u till it hurts, sometimes u made me laugh, most of times u made me smiles, last night u made me sad… but I still love anyway.”

“I will be right by ur side when the grey turns to blue… because I love you.”

“Thanks for everything… for ur smile, for ur thoughts, for ur laughters and for ur love, I love you.”

“I’ll be ur unintended, waiting for ur smile to appear again, waiting till ur teras washed away, waiting for u to shine again, waiting for u, here…”

“How I love how u bring magic to my life, be right by my side every morning, whispering me good morning n I love u. 1st thing happen every new day is I’m falling in love with u.”

“If this what love is, I want to love u forever… having u by my side till the day I die. I love you my sweet angel.”

“Thank u for givin me hope n dreams, thank u for the smiles, thank u for the warm n comfort, thank u for the love and thank u for being my sweetest treasure.”

“You bring me life by smile to me everyday. U give the light by made me smile everyday. I wish I can tell u how much I love u.”

“I miss ur smile, I miss ur voice, I miss ur ‘I Love U’, I miss ur romantic words… I miss u.”

“Did I ever said I love ur bright eyes? Did I ever said I love ur smile? Did I ever said I love what’s inside u more than ur beauty? So much to say..”


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