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What Came In My Past… August 16, 2007

Filed under: Dear Diary — itha @ 10:11 am
Never look back we’ve said how was I to know I miss u so?
Loneliness up a head, emptiness behind where do I go?
And u didn’t hear all my joy through my tears,
All my hope through my fears did u know?
Still miss u some how…
From the bottom of my broken heart
There just a thing or two I like u to know
U are my first love,
I never knew love till there was u
Baby I said please stay, give our love a chance for one more day
We could have work things out, taking time is what loves all about
But u put a dart to my dreams through my heart
And I’m back where I started again I never knew it would end
U promise to stay but to some body else
And you’ve made so perfectly clear
I thought I’m going to sing that song forever, coz when he left me I feel my world falls apart and I can’t do anything.
My life is full with him…I thought I could never stand anymore with out him, coz he was my place to stand and when he left me that place disappear…
I thought I never gonna stop crying the day he went away, coz I know I’ve lost half of me with him…
But I was wrong!
I’m strong enough with out him,I can stand up and say I can make it through the worst time,I’m not depending my self on any one, I depend on me…
And I can stop crying coz I know he doesn’t worth a thousand cries,I’m not crying like a river… no, I’m not. And then I realize…he wasn’t half of me,It’s true that my world once was full of him.
But he wasn’t my every thing…I’m starting to walk away from my past,I’m forgetting all my past,I’ve vanish all my memories from my past,It’s not that I don’t care it’s just that I don’t give a damn about him,I never look back coz the past has teach me lots to walk on by,I never turn back coz the past has given me something to remember,I never walk back coz the past it’s just a past,I walk and I build my life now and I’m happy coz I’m doing it with some one that I love and loved me,I can say he is my every thing, now… not for my past but for my future.

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