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The Story of Lady Dandelion July 25, 2007

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far… far away, lives a young prince in his small perfect world. There, he stands proud and strong, being the person in charge of everything that happen in his small kingdom.
He was in love to a fine princess, who lived far away from his kingdom. They first met 8 years ago when the princess comes to his town to study in the same place where the prince studies his way to face the future which is dark and uncertain.
They both fell in love, and enjoy their existence together in the place they thought to be the piece of heaven on earth
Days gone by…Weeks went by…
Months pass away…
And finally, years passes. 5 years passes after they first met. And enjoy their time being together in the small piece of heaven God created for them.
He realizes that, as in his nature, that everything has ends. He realizes that he cannot even fight the force of nature. In short, the princess must return to her homeland. So he made a special surprise for her in one summer night just before the day she must return.
It was a night to remember. They were having a feast under the dark summer sky, being watched by the angel in heaven which always be their witnesses since they first met.
In that time, he made a promise that someday he will came to her kingdom, and take her away, bring her to his castle above the cloud, where they can live together with the angels. There, up above the clouds..there, up above the sky, leave the worlds behind them, where they can lock their lives away in that castle above the clouds.
            Days gone by…Weeks went by…
Months pass away…
And finally, years passes. 2 years after they separated. And struggle in their own lives on a scattered small piece of heaven God was created for them.
Then things went wrong. Everything went wrong with no reason they both understand.
 The arguments.
The arguments.
The arguments.
It is like a pair of cats that claws at each other, bleeding and wounding, and cries for the pain and suffering they both made.
Then forgive and forget.
Then it all started again. And again. And again.
For no reason they both did not understand.
One dream they still hold on. One reason they still believe.
The castle above the clouds.
The prince has troubles in his kingdom, where it started to fall down with him as the leader on it. The war of his clan he must fight. The people he must protect.
The people he loved.
So he never pays a visit to her place, since he is too busy fixing up his scattered home.
Big mistake he made.
He kept it as a secret from her. He just doesn’t want to be her burden. She already has many things to attend.
Big mistake he made.
Every night, when the people in his palace went asleep, the prince goes outside, and look up to the dark sky and to the dim light of the stars. There, he could saw the angels smiling to him, and by their dim light the hugged him in comfort, telling him that everything will be fine. And there, he prays for his princess to be safe, to be protected by them, far from what he will be having.
And one day, she tells him, that she could not bear it any longer.
She will be leave for good, for she is realizes that she is growing too old to flies to the sky. Too old for the uncertain plans. Too old for live in a dreams.
Everything then falls apart on his kingdom to hear this. The angels up above cries as a river.
Reality that doesn’t exist. Or even were exist.
Dreams that will stay as a dream laughing at his fate.
The length of time then different.
Everything has no meaning anymore.
The world moves slowly around him. The universe loses its lights. The fight loses its meaning.
As the time grows, the prince finds himself to be cynical cold stone, which started to doesn’t trust in the world he lives anymore.
One day, he got news from the princess that she is going to be married with someone he doesn’t even know.
 But it doesn’t matter anymore.He couldn’t feel a thing.Not even a singlest emotion.
It doesn’t matter anymore.
At some night, when the people in his palace went asleep, the princes went outside, and look up to the dim light of the stars in the dark sky. There, he could saw angels still smiling at him, and hugged him by their dim lights of their wings.
But now, everything is different. He doesn’t trust the world anymore.
But still, he pray for the one who is not come yet, the one who will break the barrier and saves him, and take him away to his palace above the clouds.
An irony…
As days went by, he then met someone.
Actually, ‘met’ isn’t an appropriate word for it.
As the matter of fact, he never met her before.
Not physically.
He saw the picture of a lady. He was raising his eyebrows when seeing her picture for the first time.
She was a fine young woman who has a smile that can brighten up the day just by smiling.
No, it wasn’t a love at first sight.
Love at first sight is only a joke he believe. And if he believes that, the world must believe it, since now he grows stronger than ever and the world is under his feet. At least, that is what he believes.
Another irony…
Then he saw her diary, and he struck at one page.The page that change everything.
The page that will change his small perfect world once again.
She wrote about her pray for his man she doesn’t meet yet.
The page that so absurd for his cynical mind.
The page that reminds him to those nights, where the angels hug him, and kiss him by the soft blows of the winds.
The lady has name.
Her name is Lady Dandelion.
And the strange hands of fate work again on that young prince of ours.
One day, companion of Lady Dandelion went sick, and she accompanies her in the hospital. In there, the prince and the Lady spent hours talking about everything.
Small words. Clichés. Chitty-chatty. The usual everyday words and things he usually does to everybody suddenly have other meaning for him. And how magic that for him even clichés and meaningless words, when it was said between them, has meanings.
It is too good to be true! He thinks.
This is so unreal. So fake. So lies.
So absurd.
He then hated The Lady for try to ruin his small world.
At night, he hated the cursed woman he never met before, who try to ruin his life again, but in the morning he wake up to find that he only think to meet her again.
An irony.
Then one day, he fall.
That was the day when the wall falls apart. The day when our prince has saved by a total stranger…
But alas, no! He doesn’t want anything from Lady Dandelion.
He thanked her for saving his life from being a complete cynical asshole (this term is pretty fucked up this whole crappy story, but I can’t find any other words more appropriate, sorry readers…)
He just wants to remember all the things they have together as happy memories in the future.
Not a love he want from her, although he already fall in love with her, since he knows love will turn their relationship into a tragedy, since he knows that their story only happen in movies, but still, happen on him…
At night he thanked God who still have a mercy on him, and allow him to feel again, what loving someone is feels like.
At night, he pray to God to brings happiness for Lady Dandelion and have all her dreams comes to life, as a thank you for teaching him how to love again.
 Forever be, she is his hero… And for you my dear readers…I have told you the story of the magnificent Lady Dandelion, who came out from nowhere and saving someone’s lives. So never give up on miracles, and keep on hoping. The hands of God may reach you, even your darkest thoughts, and minds. And one day, your hero will come out from places you never think… 
The End. 

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