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A letter for u July 25, 2007

Filed under: Dear Diary — itha @ 11:00 am

A letter to my future soul mate… out there some where…

I hope you’re always on Allah SWT blessing, may Allah always take a good care of you and remind you to be great full on every step that u’re taking right now.

My dear soul mate…I’ve always ask Allah to take good care of you where ever you are, help you with HIS hand every time u’re feeling down, give you a happiness when ever you’re feeling sad and forgive you when ever you make mistakes on every thing that you do whether you realize it or not.

My dear soul mate… I hope Allah will meet us some day in HIS blessing moments, a moment where all the things that will ever happen between the two of us were all because of HIS grace.I pray that you can be my the one that lead me to goodness, be my light when all surrounds me were becoming dark, be my wings when ever I felt down, be my voice when I can’t speak.. I want u to be the best that Allah will give to me…Until that moment come… I hope you always stay close to Allah and stay under HIS bless so that one day you can find your real sanctuary.Until that moment come… I will wait for you… here…


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