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A Prince and A Frog July 25, 2007

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       A long time ago… in a far away country lived a young prince who spend most of his time playing around on the side of the lake near his castle.

        In that lake he meet a frog that he knew it is a female frog coz that frog has a beautiful eyebrow and paint her membrane foot with pink color.

        Everyday the prince called the female frog and the frog will jump from the lake to meet the prince to tell him a fairytales stories. As the only child, the prince feels a deep loneliness and wants to have lots of friend. While the female frog also feel lonely ever since her fiancé, prince frog has move and jump from another lake to another lake (although it’s a different story)… so everyday the female frog sit next to the young prince and tell him stories until that young prince satisfied.

          But one day, when the prince called out the female frog, the frog won’t come out from the lake. The prince search for that frog and find that frog in the corner of the lake. “What’s wrong?” said the prince to the frog.

         The female frog start to cry and say…”Oh, this is my bad day…today is my birthday and I don’t have anyone coz my prince frog has left me” she’s crying out loud. “All of my life I always want to married with him and live happily ever after. But now he went away while me…I’m still stay in this lake. And you although you’re my best friend young prince… you’ll grow up and you’ll left me too so that I will sit here alone with no one.”

     The young prince think what the frog has told him, and then he say “my dear friend I will change you into a bird so that u can fly away, see the world and see all the things u never see before while u’re in this lake.
    Then the prince wave his hand and in just a flip the female frog turn to a beautiful white bird who fly to the clouds and go to the lake where her prince frog once has run away. “Where is he?” she cried. Other birds pointed to the door that marked ONLY FOR MEMBERS. “He’s inside that place” says them, “And almost never gets out from that place.”
      And so the female frog waits there for a few days, until she finally say “U know what? I don’t have to do this anymore. I can fly and leave this place. I’m no longer a female frog. I’m a beautiful white bird.” Then she spread her wings and flies to Hawaii, has a sun bathing there, and then went to his lake to tell all her adventure to the young prince. But unfortunately! She went too long and the prince already grew up and left the castle just like what she think before.
      But before he go, the young prince left a message for her “My dear female frog” he wrote. “I wish u can really enjoy your adventure in outside world and forget all the pain and stupid ness that prince frog has causes you. Before I go I have re-new my magic so that if u still want to become a beautiful white bird forever, then be it. And if you feel sad when the holiday season come, just make a schedule and follow the schedule.”
       Well, tell u the truth she never feel sad anymore. She flies around the world in a shape of a beautiful white bird with membrane foot that paint with a pink color (the magic was not perfect, coz it spell from a long distance), but she never complain it coz she realize that not only she can fly but she can swim too. Now she can go where ever she want.
The End


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